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The Staff
As mentioned elsewhere, we'd appreciate it if folks attempted to be reasonable and civil, and employ self-management of the channel employing the equality through simplicity principle wherever possible. That said, there are certain scenarios in which you might need a staffer. Our staffers may not be +o inchannel, but that doesn't mean they aren't around - if you need to find out which staffers are around and who they are, try chanserv - /chanserv access ##security list will give you a list of staffers which you can use to see who's around.
Here's an overview of who some of our staff are with some links to any online material they have, and a brief bio...
Handle: adam_vollrath / axisofentropy
Bio: I am currently working from home, doing a wide variety of consulting, systems administration, and development for a firm based in Manhattan. My primary interests are researching, designing, exploring, and troubleshooting complex systems and networks. I have experience maintaining a wide variety of systems in mixed Windows and Linux environments. Specifically I am interested in security, virtualization, high availability and load balancing.
Website: http://adamvollrath.net
Handle: crunge
Bio: Jason Mansfield is a researcher at Anonymizer Inc, primarily concerned with privacy and Internet security. His skills include Linux, bash, perl, core Internet protocols, encryption, teaching, and asking outlandish questions. Jason has a GPEN.
Website: http://clinicallyawesome.com/
Handle: d0d63
Bio: I have been writing network intrusion detection and prevention signatures since 1998. Focus areas include IP, TCP, DNS, HTTP, and SMTP. I believe the Internet is fundamentally broken and would like design a new methodology for internetworking that requires confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation at all layers. I devoutly believe anything can be improved with bacon.
Website: http://www.dmumford.com
Handle: electr0n
Bio: Albert Gonzalez is a Senior Security Architect and founder of ##security. He is currently in the process writing a book and attempts to paint the big picture by combining business relevant data, threat intelligence and correlation to provide operational awareness to the analytical process.
Blog: http://blog.cerveau.us
Website: http://www.cerveau.us
Handle: gdfuego
Bio: I'm a Senior Unix and Security Engineer with a background in supporting large scale distributed networks of Linux servers. I consider myself a technology generalist. Feel free to come to me if you need to understand the basics of a subject or want a pointer to someone with more information.
Blog: http://gdfuego.blogspot.com
Handle: hdm
Bio: HD Moore is the chief research officer of Rapid7 and founder of the Metasploit project.
Handle: Hydrogenum
Bio: Dr. Damian Menscher is a Security Engineer at Google where he leads the DDoS defense team. He uses his front-line experience defending today's largest attacks to design defenses that will automatically mitigate future attacks. He also reduces botnet sizes by directly informing users of infections on their machines via targeted messaging on Google. Previously, he gained experience in large-scale data analysis while completing a Ph.D. in computational particle physics.
Handle: jabra
Bio: Joshua D. Abraham has worked as a Security Consultant since 2006. Josh has 3 years of IT Security experience. In the past, he has worked with various security controls such as an enterprise IDS and network monitoring system. Josh specializes in programming, Unix, and Linux. In his spare time, he works on open source security projects. He has developed several projects such as PBNJ, Getwifi and Nmap-Banners. He has also contributed to various network security projects.
Blog: http://spl0it.org/blog
Website: http://spl0it.org
Handle: jnpplf
Bio: jnpplf lives on the business end of security, performing risk assessments, threat modelling, and regulatory work, with the occasional network / application architecture job. In his free time, he denounces the state of Big Security - accountants performing audits, CISSPs that can't write a line of code, and CISOs that can't exit vim - and tries to fix it from the inside. He tries not to speak in security platitutudes, and uses crypto and Python (but never both) to stop himself from going insane.
Handle: Kryczek
Bio: I am an Information Warfare Consultant working for Homeland Security. Having played chess as a kid, Information Security quickly became a passion as it had the same 'challenging' and 'perfidious' aspects to it, beginning with cracking the password my parents put on our first family computer. Although my IRC client is connected 24/7, my presence in the channel tends to be spasmodic as I breeze in and out of office frequently during the day. In the past I used to contribute to a bunch of opensource projects such as Libnids, Tcpdump and Wireshark, even started my own (see website) but I am now unfortunately way too out of time to work on these anymore. Hopefully some day I'll get back to it, when I have time... :-)
Website: http://hawkeye.sf.net
Handle: njan / James Eaton-Lee
Bio: I'm a Security Consultant working for a UK-based security consultancy, focusing on Infrastructure and Web Application Security. In the past, I've done a lot of work with Microsoft Infrastructure involving products like IIS, ISA, Active Directory, and Exchange. The clients I work with are mostly within the financial sector in the UK. For my sins, I'm also a freenode staffer.
Website: http://www.jeremiad.org
Handle: wilsonfisk
Bio: emacs deviant. This bio lovingly written with vim. wilsonfisk [REDACTED] at [REDACTED], and prior to that was [REDACTED]